Cold Chain Pharmaceutical Logistics

SciSafe makes the transport of client samples simple with their own vehicles

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Cold Chain logistics is an integral part of controlled temperature sample management. SciSafe maintains its own temperature-controlled vehicles and partners with multiple global industry leaders to seamlessly integrate storage and transportation. Our cold chain delivery network allows us to safely transport samples throughout the United States. Our facilities are currently located in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Utah. We have the capabilities to create a custom cold shipping solution for your samples based on their temperature requirements.

The process of shipping and receiving client sample is extremely critical to the integrity and preservation of the client samples. Without a custom cold shipping solution, pharmaceutical companies would risk damaging the samples they were given and then be required to find another one. Over the last 6 years, SciSafe has made and received over 10,000 shipments varying in size from 1 box, multiple freezer (-80C) shipments to relocation of over 14,000,000 client samples with our shipping partners across the United States.

The team at SciSafe has deep knowledge of moving some of the world’s most valued research around the globe. Our experts will discuss with you what requirements you have for your samples, and they’ll also provide their recommendations for the best cold chain delivery system.

Some highlights of our cold chain expertise include:

  • Integrated protocols to provide cold chain management and documentation from origin to storage end user.
  • Custom designed solutions for unique temperature conditions and shipping configurations.
  • Strong experience in working with clients on shipping lane studies.
  • Dedicated vehicles available for collection and delivery nationwide.
  • Real Time location tracking and temperature monitoring available.
  • A wide variety of pre-qualified shipping solutions for frequent transportation needs.
  • NIST traceable dataloggers for shipments.
  • Custom designed solutions for unique temperature conditions and shipping configurations.
  • DOT & IATA highly trained staff for compliant controlled temperature shipment of hazardous materials
  • Same day collection and delivery of all customer materials within the local surrounding areas.