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Tips To Help You Identify the Right Pharmaceutical Storage Facility

Biobanking is a sensitive exercise that demands secure protocols set for controlled storage and transit conditions. Minimal deviations on your medicine temperature storage could compromise the value and potency of the products. Proper storage of pharmaceutical samples is also an essential part of GMP compliance, hence the need to find the right partner facility. Here […]

5 Reasons Why Sample Storage is Vital for Your Facility

Each year, the spending on various drug therapies amounts to roughly $371 billion. With this much investment on the line, it’s essential to ensure that samples maintain their integrity. Temperature lapses are the leading cause of losses in global pharmaceutical supply chains and it’s therefore important to embrace the use of efficient sample storage. Good […]

Considerations When Choosing a Pharmaceutical Storage Facility

The sensitive nature of biopharmaceutical samples makes storage considerations an imperative factor when outsourcing for storage. Outsourcing storage cuts costs quite significantly and offers an alternative method for stable pharmaceutical storage. There are many benefits of biobanking that most professionals are familiar with. But choosing the right storage facility for biopharmaceutical storage needs isn’t always […]

Features of an Ideal Bio-Repository and Pharmaceutical Storage Facility

Pharmaceutical or biological research samples, vaccines, and biological reagents such as antibodies and enzymes need specialized storage. These materials are essential in research and development, and they aid in the making of cures. Sometimes research institutions, hospitals, pharmaceutical, and Bio-Tech Companies lack the necessary storage capacity to keep their bio-specimens, reagents, and vaccines safe and […]

Now And Then: How The Pharmaceutical Industry Has Changed

The pharmaceutical industry has changed drastically throughout the course of history. Now, it’s as well-regulated as ever thanks to cold chain shipping solutions. To learn more about the rich and interesting history behind this major industry, and how cold shipping solutions have helped it grow, continue reading. The Past of Pharmaceuticals The production and distribution […]

Why It’s Crucial That Pharmaceuticals Are Properly Maintained

At the moment, the United States has something of a hold on the global pharmaceutical market. In fact, it currently controls about half of that market — 45%, to be exact. There are many reasons why this is the case, for instance, the United States has the technological capabilities to manufacture pharmaceutical products on a […]

Improving Pharmaceutical Standards With Biobanking

To achieve the best pharmaceutical standards, you have to start by creating a reliable biobank because it is where you will be storing all biological materials. You have to know that without the right biobank, no matter how hard you try, it will be difficult to keep the samples in the right condition. Also, you […]

The Concept of Biobanking and Its Benefits to the Health Industry

Scientific research takes place in stages and is carried out step by step. For instance, when scientists derive DNA from humans and animals or collect bacterial strains, they need bio storage to store the samples as they continue with their research. Without access to sample storage that will support the survival of the highly-sensitive biosamples, […]

What Are the Qualities of a Good Cold Chain Delivery Company?

Studies show that pharmaceutical companies can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on small package shipments due to temperature fluctuations. Losing that much money due to a lack of environmental control is a significant loss that may cripple the operations of pharmaceutical companies. As a pharmaceutical operations manager, you need to consider reliable cold chain […]

Choosing an Appropriate Sample Management Solution for Your Pharmaceutical Company

A large number of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies struggle with storing their samples. Even more struggle finding a mechanism that will help accurately track these samples.  Appropriate pharmaceutical sample management will help your company maintain compliance and even control costs. This is why it’s important for you to use a reliable and experienced sample management […]