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The Importance of Keeping Pharmaceutical Samples Regulated with Proper Storage

There are many benefits associated with distributing pharmaceutical samples to patients undergoing treatment. A sample system can test the efficiency of medication before the patient’s prescription is filled for treatment. Sampling also allows for a smoother therapy process. Because the patient does not have to deal with picking up their medication at a later date […]

What to Look for in a Pharmaceutical Storage Company

Cold chain logistics service is an integral part of pharmaceutical and research companies that are supposed to ship various products and samples at a specific temperature. Storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products are significant due to the level of sensitivity required in handling these products. Studies show that pharmaceutical companies lose approximately $150,000 per package […]

Highly Reliable Cold Chain Delivery Services for Pharmaceuticals Reduce Risk

Because of cold chain storage mistakes, pharmaceutical companies all over the world lose millions of dollars per year. In fact, by some estimates, temperature mishaps cause pharmaceutical companies to lose $150,000 for every compromised small package shipment. Large, freight shipments are even more costly. While that may simply be a cost of doing business, those […]

Excellence in Sample Management is Vital For Compliance

Many pharmaceutical and biotech companies face the same challenges when it comes to sample management. The backbone of compliance and research is accurate sample management. Whether you are a biotech start-up or a well-heeled pharmaceutical company, it is vital to your business that you have reliable, dependable, auditable, and compliant sample management in place. Meeting […]

What Your Biological Pharmaceutical Company Should Do for You

Whether you own and operate a pharmacy, are an instructor or head professor at a university, or are a private doctor with a practice that has many stored medicines and refrigerated vials, the biological pharmaceutical facility you choose to help you run your company smoothly should be taken into substantial consideration. You want a company […]

Things to Remember When Choosing Pharmaceutical Storage

Pharmaceuticals storage conditions are not something to be taken for granted. They should be viewed as an integral component of any pharmaceutical operation. Even if there is a 2 degree Celsius variation in temperature, a pharmaceutical product can be completely ruined. That can put your customers, and your business, at risk. However, there is much […]

The Importance and Benefits of Biobanking

Biobanking is a fascinating sector of the biological pharmaceutical industry. Biobanking is the process of collecting samples of bodily fluid (blood, urine, etc) or tissue for the purpose of research. The research done on these bio samples helps improve our understanding of health and disease. Traditionally, information such as height, weight, and other health bearing […]

What is Biological Pharmaceutical Storage and Why is it Important?

The global pharmaceutical market is predicted to reach a staggering $1.12 trillion by 2022. According to Forbes: In 2016, the pharmaceutical industry was the highest grossing industry with a net margin of 30%. And the United States holds upward of 45% of the global pharma market. Sample management is among the fastest growing sectors of […]

Critical Factors to Consider When Selecting a Biological Sample Storage Company

Pharmaceutical products and biological samples are some of the most important components in scientific and medical discoveries. These are products that are used to come up with some of the most advanced drugs that we depend on to treat various diseases. Therefore, any pharmaceutical company knows that it has to store and transport its pharmaceutical […]