• Biological & Pharmaceutical Storage

    Many of the world’s best and most admired organizations trust SciSafe with their most critical and valuable samples

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  • Biological Storage

    If your laboratory needs space for 1 vial or millions of vials of biological materials, SciSafe is ready

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  • ICH Stability Storage

    Storage for all shelf life studies in compliance with ICH stability guidelines

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  • cGMP Storage

    Fully compliant facilities for all cGMP required storage

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  • Cold Chain Logistics

    SciSafe protects your pharmaceutical and biological materials in our own dedicated, climate-controlled vehicles from your laboratory to our storage facility

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  • Sample Management

    SciSafe uses a sample inventory management system for its biorepository, pharmaceutical stability testing suite and its cold chain logistics

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  1. Welcome
  2. Biological Storage
  3. ICH Stability Storage
  4. cGMP Storage
  5. Cold Chain
  6. Sample Management
  • The whole SciSafe team is great. From requesting pick-ups and drop-offs, all the way through the finance team, my experiences have been nothing but positive and very productive for our company.

    - Dylan C.

  • Teresa Thorne, Mark Vinkour, Brooke O'Brien are the best. They are an integral part in the success of Pathway Healthcare Solutions. I don't take their contributions lightly and hopefully the SciSafe Management Team realizes the value that they bring to its organization.

    - John Nieradka

  • I use and trust SciSafe to store, protect and transport our company's product. They are available and always receptive. SciSafe has been a trusted partner.

    - Adam Rogers

  • SciSafe has always provided timely responses to our needs, if its storage of material or to be available to ship material out to our testing labs.

    - Ned LaMay

  • I have been working with SciSafe for the last two years and have experienced a great service. Teresa Thorne, Biorepository Manager and Brooke O’Brien, Sample Technician are a great team to work with both correspondence clearly, provide prompt responses and feedback. Every time I approached any of them I get a detailed email with instructions and guidance. I am lucky to have this team support GTIMD.

    - Eran Levit

  • Always accommodating to last minute request.

    - Migdalia Perez

  • Very knowledgeable and responsive to our needs.

    - SiO2 Medical Products

  • Great people to work with.

    - Bioventus

What We Do

Biological Storage

Specializing in Biological Storage, SciSafe has several pharmaceutical storage facilities that offer all biorepository conditions including refrigerated (2-8C), Frozen (-20C, -30C & -40C), Ultra Low (-70C to -90C) and Cryogenic Storage (Vapor Phase and Liquid Nitrogen). SciSafe is FDA registered and audited for HCTP/S.

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Pharmaceutical Stability

SciSafe offers all biological and pharmaceutical storage conditions required for ICH Stability testing as well as conditions for Vaccine Storage, Clinical Retains and Bulk cGMP storage. All conditions are available including 25C/60%RH, 30C/65%RH and 40C/75%RH. SciSafe is able to store samples at any condition.

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Cold Chain Logistics

SciSafe offers its own cold chain management/logistics services in its own dedicated secure and monitored vehicles and this is offered throughout the US. This allows the clients full chain of custody and control of their samples.

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Biological & Pharmaceutical Storage Facilities


SciSafe offers dedicated Pharmaceutical, Biological, and Consumer Products Sample Management Services in its fully cGMP compliant state of the art facilities.  SciSafe stores over 30,000,000 of our clients most precious and valuable samples in over 300 freezers and walk in rooms. Our state-of-the-art facilities are located throughout the U.S. We are currently expanding, and service the ever-increasing global market. We offer everything from cold chain delivery to cold storage in our New Jersey or Massachusetts facilities.

Whether clients are storing 3 or 3,000,000 samples SciSafe offers the same customer focused service, which allows clients unprecedented access and control of samples. With an integrated cold chain logistics fleet, Scisafe is able to offer complete chain of custody and audit trail for each and every sample.

Scisafe is quickly establishing itself as a global leader in pharmaceutical and biological sample management and is dedicated to the specific needs of each individual customer/partner.