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What Are the Qualities of a Good Cold Chain Delivery Company?

Studies show that pharmaceutical companies can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on small package shipments due to temperature fluctuations. Losing that much money due to a lack of environmental control is a significant loss that may cripple the operations of pharmaceutical companies. As a pharmaceutical operations manager, you need to consider reliable cold chain […]

Choosing an Appropriate Sample Management Solution for Your Pharmaceutical Company

A large number of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies struggle with storing their samples. Even more struggle finding a mechanism that will help accurately track these samples.  Appropriate pharmaceutical sample management will help your company maintain compliance and even control costs. This is why it’s important for you to use a reliable and experienced sample management […]

The Importance of Temperature and Pharmaceutical Storage

When it comes to pharmaceutical sample management maintaining temperature is of vital importance. In fact, only a 2 degree Celsius change in temperature can compromise a sample or product. This makes selecting and maintaining storage conditions for pharmaceuticals critical to ensure that the products are able to maintain their validity without risking contamination or spoiling. […]

The Three Benefits of Pharmaceutical Cold Storage

Seven of 10 pharmaceutical samples and products require temperature-controlled storage environments to ensure they remain in a viable state. Pharmaceutical cold storage helps preserve temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical samples to ensure they aren’t compromised. Due to the strict regulations put on the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring that your pharmaceutical cold storage facilities are up to par is essential […]

Keep Your Cool: The Top Medications That Require Refrigerated Storage

It’s easy to keep your medicine immersed in cool temperatures when you have control over where it’s stored. However, it’s a lot more difficult to monitor those conditions when you’re transporting medicine or other pharmaceutical goods. Cold chain shipping solutions can combat that problem, making shipping and delivering medicine a breeze. To learn more about […]

How to Find the Right Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Delivery Service

If you operate within the pharmaceutical industry in any capacity, then you understand the importance of having reliable cold chain delivery services. Not only are there strict regulations pertaining to pharmaceutical storage with which your business will need to comply, but you also have to consider the overall efficiency and timeliness of your service. Even […]

The Importance of Keeping Pharmaceutical Samples Regulated with Proper Storage

There are many benefits associated with distributing pharmaceutical samples to patients undergoing treatment. A sample system can test the efficiency of medication before the patient’s prescription is filled for treatment. Sampling also allows for a smoother therapy process. Because the patient does not have to deal with picking up their medication at a later date […]

What to Look for in a Pharmaceutical Storage Company

Cold chain logistics service is an integral part of pharmaceutical and research companies that are supposed to ship various products and samples at a specific temperature. Storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products are significant due to the level of sensitivity required in handling these products. Studies show that pharmaceutical companies lose approximately $150,000 per package […]

Highly Reliable Cold Chain Delivery Services for Pharmaceuticals Reduce Risk

Because of cold chain storage mistakes, pharmaceutical companies all over the world lose millions of dollars per year. In fact, by some estimates, temperature mishaps cause pharmaceutical companies to lose $150,000 for every compromised small package shipment. Large, freight shipments are even more costly. While that may simply be a cost of doing business, those […]