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SciSafe has partnered with Kalliste E Systems to create a state of the art sample management system which ensures compliance in all facets of our storage business and gives the client unprecedented control of their samples and allows them to interact with our storage facility as if it is part of their own organization.

Through our secure portal, our clients are able to access and manage their samples remotely. This functionality allows them to obtain a multitude of information directly from the system:

Access sample information through our secure non-editable regulatory compliant portal.
Through the Kalliste portal, our clients are able to track the transportation of their samples in near real time. This is done through the GPS tracking device that the samples have during transit.
Through the secure client portal, clients have access to data and reports including sample location, sample conditions, shipment status and shipment location, verification of chain of custody, barcode SKU and sample blanking number (if applicable).

  • Download sample information including temperature and humidity conditions, sample pull schedule.
  • Request changes to any sample pull schedule.
  • Access the current environmental conditions of their samples in near real-time.

Additionally, the Kalliste E™ System includes these structures:

  • Sample Management
  • SOP Management
  • Training Management
  • Assets and Calibration Management

Inventory, Calibration, Preventative Maintenance and Qualification

Quality Management – Deviations and Investigations

  • CAPA
  • Change Control
  • Complaint Handling