pharmaceutical sample

There are many benefits associated with distributing pharmaceutical samples to patients undergoing treatment. A sample system can test the efficiency of medication before the patient’s prescription is filled for treatment. Sampling also allows for a smoother therapy process. Because the patient does not have to deal with picking up their medication at a later date or location, this allows them to start their treatment sooner and potentially take full advantage of these medications.

However, utilizing this system can come with some downfalls if you don’t plan ahead. Proper storage of these samples is required for these next few reasons. To learn more about the dangers associated with improper pharmaceutical sample storage, continue reading.

The pharmaceutical sample can spoil

If it’s not stored in the proper temperature conditions, the pharmaceutical sample can spoil — rendering it practically useless. In fact, a difference in temperature as seemingly minuscule as two degrees Celsius can ruin the pharmaceutical product completely. In other words: temperature is crucial.

Pharmaceutical storage conditions can vary quite a bit. While some items require refrigeration at exactly 8 degrees Celsius, other samples (like aqueous solutions) may need to be stored at 40 degrees celsius. It’s essential to prioritize the right temperature conditions for a given sample in order to preserve its quality.

A shortage of samples can affect the patient’s well-being

Storage ensures that the samples are both regulated and well-organized. This is great news for a patient undergoing treatment. They have easier access to the treatment they need and have the ability to start their therapy almost immediately. Retrieval errors can slow down the therapy process and, in severe cases, harm the patient. Having the properly stored samples in reach can also help increase the patient’s confidence. If they are unsure of how to administer the medication themselves, they can practice and do a test run with their physician.

A pharmaceutical storage facility can be a game changer

While pharmaceutical sampling is convenient and efficient, there are other considerations involved to ensure success. If samples are not properly stored, spoilage can occur — an event that can jeopardize the effectiveness (or even the safety) of these samples.

However, if these samples are properly taken care of — in a storage facility, for example — they can make the lives of patients everywhere so much easier. In that sense, proper storage is not only crucial for the medication; it’s crucial for the patient as well.