Pharmaceuticals storage conditions

Biobanking is a sensitive exercise that demands secure protocols set for controlled storage and transit conditions. Minimal deviations on your medicine temperature storage could compromise the value and potency of the products.

Proper storage of pharmaceutical samples is also an essential part of GMP compliance, hence the need to find the right partner facility. Here are seven factors that you need to consider when outsourcing storage.

1. Security of Infrastructure

Proper storage is vital in preserving the integrity and viability of pharmaceutical samples. The right firm should have invested in secure storage facilities to cater to your company’s needs. You can ask questions on the security measures that the firm has taken to ensure safety. You should also have access to real-monitoring of your products regardless of where you are.

2. Sample Management Systems

The storage facility needs to have a robust monitoring and management system. The program should provide full access to the conditions of your medical sample at any time. It guarantees safety and keeps you in control of your samples. Your preferred storage location should also have automated systems that allow you to update information about the samples in real-time.

3. Temperature Control in Storage

Pharmaceutical samples usually degrade due to wrong medicine temperature storage. This temperature varies depending on the state of the sample, their inherent nature, and their intended use. The best facility will provide accurate environmental rooms that can accommodate custom temperature conditions for your products. Check if the facilities have backup procedures in place to handle sudden power outages.

4. Cold Chain Logistics Services

Seven out of ten leading pharmaceutical products require temperature-controlled transportation. Cold chain logistics plays an integral role in controlled medicine temperature storage. The process of cold chain shipping ensures you do not compromise on the integrity and potency of your products. The firm you choose should have its fleet of temperature controlled trucks for efficient cold delivery services.

5. In-depth Knowledge of the Industry

The handling of sensitive pharmaceutical products demands a high level of compliance with the industry standards on storage and transportation. Therefore, their employees should be highly trained in sample handling skills and other SOPs that dictate sample management. The company should provide proof of compliance with GMP and GDP protocols.

6. Technology

The pharmaceutical storage facility under consideration should have automated systems for handling your products. Innovations within the biopharmaceutical industry have led to improved protocols for storing medicines at optimum temperatures. The firm should have temperature monitoring software to regulate the minute changes that may occur within the cold storage boxes.

7. Flexibility

Every institution designs unique lighting and temperature storage specifications for all their products. The storage company of choice should offer bespoke storage configurations that fit the needs of their clients. They should also be in a position to adapt their storage facilities quickly. This may be as a result of new regulations or discoveries that warrant changes to what has been the norm.

In Conclusion

Take your time to select the right firm for your medicine temperature storage needs. Picking the wrong company can lead to massive losses of expensive products. Use the tips above as a guide to finding a reputable pharmaceutical storage facility.