Why SciSafe

It all begins and ends with "TRUST"

We do things right

Clients choose SciSafe for a number of reasons but ultimately they all point back to the same central criteria as illustrated below:


SciSafe has built flourishing relationships with over 300 of the world’s leading and most admired organizations. Clients have repeatedly chosen to store their most valued and irreplaceable samples because they trust SciSafe to care for...

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  • Infrastructure

    Having the correct infrastructure within any Biostorage facility is essential. Continuous improvement to plan for any eventuality is a constant for all team members at SciSafe. Our world leading...

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  • Competent

    The SciSafe team consists of some of the leading voices in pharmaceutical and biological sample management. With over 60 years combined industry experience, SciSafe is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable teams in the field of...

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  • Dedication


    Scisafe’s industry leading customer service is designed to accommodate our clients’ specific needs. SciSafe operates 24/7/365 and with total dedication to the safety of our clients’ samples at all times.

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  • Customizable

    To ensure absolute satisfaction, SciSafe offers a unique CSMP (Customized Sample Management Plan) as part of our clients’ onboarding process. Our industry leading CSMP offers complete customization and flexibility to ensure that our...

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  • Clear Pricing

    SciSafe builds long term and growing relationships with its clients. To do this, it offers clear predictable pricing based on the space that is utilized by the client. SciSafe does not charge for sample pulls, project set up, reports, or...

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  • Compliant

    SciSafe has developed over 60 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that govern all functions within the business. A robust Quality Plan and Corrective And Preventative Action (CAPA) system modeled after the FDA required systems (21cfr...

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